I get a steady but very small stream of emails from people being very positive about the blog.  Also, hits on the blog have been about 300% higher this year – on a month-to-month basis – than last year.  So there is clearly an audience and there is a layer of people who are glad the blog exists and see a use for it.  In the past six months a small number of people in Ireland, centred in Kildare, have started to write for it, mainly about local events such as the struggle of the turf-cutters, but also about wider stuff like the Austerity Treaty, the Household Tax, the anti-nuclear movement of the 1970s and so on.  There is also a Belfast-based contributor.

Once in a while, I’ll even get people leaving comments on articles!

It would be great to get more feedback, in terms of comments on articles, and in terms of writing stuff.  For instance, I’ve had a number of people email me to say what a good idea a political economy research/writing project would be, but only one solid offer of involvement.  So, at present, that project is on the back burner.  I’ll get up some more material about Marx’s critique of political economy (basically how capitalism works, why it goes into crisis and so on) over the next few months and then refloat the idea.

Such a project could also suit people outside Ireland.  People who might have more time, because they’re not involved in the level of activism that is possible and necessary in Ireland itself.  If there are any readers outside Ireland who haven’t contacted me about the idea of the Claochlú project simply because they live in some other country, I’d actually love to hear from you!




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