Blueshirts retreat from Ballyfermot

After the story of Rusty Guns De Rossa’s retreat from Henry Street the other week, here’s another tale of woe for the capitalist political establishment, this time involving one of the most hapless politicians from the Blueshirts, Gay Mitchell.  (Thanks to Daithí O R for passing this on): 

On Saturday May 26th, Fine Gael’s Gay Mitchell, accompanied by a couple of his party’s finest, descended into Ballyfermot, for a less than convincing canvass in support of the Austerity Treaty.

As the Blueshirts attempted to distribute their propaganda outside the local Tesco’s, the reaction from the general public would be best described as frosty. The Fine Gael team were left in no doubt that they weren’t going to have it all their own way.

Following a phone call  to éirígí from a local supporter, a squad of éirigí Ballyfermot activists arrived on the scene and held an impromptu NO To Austerity picket, urging people to vote NO on May 31st.

With debate never being one of Mitchell’s strong points, it wasn’t long before the Blueshirt decided to abandon the canvass and retreat from Ballyfermot, leaving his bewildered comrades behind him.

Speaking from Ballyfermot, Cllr Louise Minihan said, “Fine Gael, like the rest of the establishment political parties, have nothing to offer the Irish working class. The irony that such a party is only seen on the ground here during election campaigns is not lost on people from the area.

“For years the people of Ballyfermot and surrounding areas have been ignored by the political establishment, and our community has come under a sustained assault from successive governments. Cherry Orchard hospital,  local bus services, drugs and community projects along with local schools have all come under savage attack.

“For as long as Fine Gael remain wedded to their anti-worker policies or continue with their attempt to surrender our country’s sovereignty to European Imperialism, they should be met with protests and opposition wherever they go.”

Minihan continued, “Today éirígí Ballyfermot took a small stand against right-wing politicians and austerity. On May 31st the people of Ballyfermot and the people of the Twenty-Six County state have the perfect opportunity to give this right-wing government a bloody nose and to reject austerity!

“By voting No on May 31st you are standing up for the people of Ireland, and Europe. A NO vote is a vote in favour of Irish Freedom and Sovereignty. A NO Vote is a vote in defence of workers’ rights and public services. By voting NO, you are voting in defence of the unemployed, our youth and our elderly.

“A NO vote will strengthen the growing movement which aims to bring about the only viable alternative to the failed capitalist system – an Irish Socialist Republic!”


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