New era of jailing by remand?

The following statement was released by the Republican Network for Unity last Monday (May 21):

The arrest and imprisonment of seven republican activists within the past few days heralds a new era for British oppression in Ireland.

Following intense debate amongst government ministers, the military and its legal establishment since 2006, it would appear that the British state has now decided to use so-called ‘intercept evidence’ as viable evidence to imprison Irish republicans.

The introduction of this material to Diplock courts has been made possible by the acquiescence of the Public Prosecution Service under the watch of Barra McGrory, who by his recent actions has betrayed the principles of human rights that he once worked to defend.

So called ‘intercept’ evidence, including covert recordings and car tracking can easily be manipulated in order to secure at the very least gaoling by remand of political activists.

Going on past experiences there is no doubt that the PSNI assisted by British Military intelligence will take advantage of this tactic to imprison any activist who opposes the political establishment in modern occupied Ireland.

Barra McGrory has effectively opened the gate to unlimited internment in the north, he has colluded with the most corrupt elements of the British state to further his career and for private gain, he should be thoroughly ashamed of himself.

Once again, RNU states clearly  that supporters of the Stormont establishment here seek to curtail and imprison all and any activists who organise politically outside of the sphere of the GFA.

In the face of this onslaught on our liberty, it is vital that practical republican unity is applied as we are all vulnerable to attack,  from a legal system which has joined with the most corrupt states in the world.

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  1. Very good statement, but utterly pointless saying Barra McGrory should be ashamed of himself. No, he shouldn’t. He’s doing what is in his *class* interest. He’s part of *their* side, not ours!


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