“They’ll just ignore our vote anyway” – Workers Solidarity Movement

I received the following press statement from the class-struggle anarchist Workers Solidarity Movement (WSM).  The WSM view is that voting in the Fiscal Compact Treaty referendum “will not make one whit of difference”:

“The pro-side are calling it a Stability Treaty but if it’s passed does anyone seriously think that we are going to get financial stability?”, asked Gregor Kerr, WSM PRO.  “On the other hand the anti-side are calling it an Austerity Treaty, but everyone knows that even if we vote no the austerity agenda will continue.”

“If the government, the troika and the markets don’t get the result they want, they’ll just ignore our vote anyway,” Mr. Kerr continued.  “But huge numbers of people have already delivered a verdict on the austerity agenda.  By refusing to register for or pay the household tax, approximately a million households have said No to the idea that ordinary people should have to pay the gambling debts of international financiers and developers.  Large numbers of people have realised that the way to resist austerity is through mass organisation.  Walking into a ballot box and putting a mark on a piece of paper is going to make no difference whatsoever.”

“The economic and political system is completely broken,” said Mr. Kerr.  “Voting in the referendum is not going to fix it.  People do have the power to influence political change – but they can only do that by continuing to build real community campaigns such as the campaign against the household tax.”

“The central message that people should remember is that while they can ignore our vote, they cannot ignore our resistance,” Mr. Kerr concluded.

Statement ends

Note:- Workers Solidarity Movement has branches in Dublin, Cork and Galway and members in several other places around the country.  WSM members are actively involved in many community and trade union campaigns, and have been centrally involved in helping to establish the Campaign Against Household And Water Taxes both nationally and locally. For more information about the WSM visit: http://www.wsm.ie/


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  1. I should add that I personally agree with the main political points the WSM is making; but a ‘No’ vote is still important as a signal for our side. It gives our side an idea of how numerically strong we are – for instance, some people may register for the household tax simply because they are afraid of prosecution but don’t actually agree with the tax or the treaty. A No vote seems to be just one part of a necessarily much broader effort, as long as the *political points* which the WSM is making are kept in mind: that refusing the state is much more important than voting No and that the government will simply ignore any vote they don’t like (an act which, of course, may make people even more pissed off, which is good).


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