Citizen or Slave?

by Sean Doyle

The government wants us to vote yes on the fiscal treaty to enable us to another bailout if required to continue servicing the massive banks and private debts that have been unjustly and undemocratically foisted on the ordinary citizens of this state.

The government of Fine Gael and Labour and their predecessors of Fianna Fail and the Greens over the past 5 years have more than adequately proven their commitment to corporate Europe through devastating cuts that have reaped havoc throughout southern Irish society and have decimated and impoverished families.

Their desired yes vote will no doubt enshrine impoverishment in the constitution. It should be obvious we cannot and should not carry the debts of bankers and speculators that were fostered and designed in corporate Europe, by reckless greed to maximise profits, shifting investment from manufacturing service and goods to the more lucrative financial markets and significantly increasing the extension of credit and the deregulation of banking and financial services.

This could not be brought about by the citizens of Europe as the whole European institutions are governed by corporate Europe in the European Commission. Why, when the brainchild of corporate Europe has failed, do the media expect those who reject the burden on ordinary people of corporate debt to be silent, unless they have a cure for terminally-ill capitalism? But, like a wasp, it has a dying sting . Before it ceases, it will continue to decimate citizens across Europe, strangling them with austerity to save itself.

Corporate Europe and capitalism will also continue to rob the semi-state companies and our natural resources. They do this with the willing participation and assistance of our puppet governments in signing over power after power to the Commission, rendering us subservient slaves to a failed corporate Europe that must be sent a message to carry its own debt.

It is difficult and shocking to realise the extent of human misery and the total disregard of the basic daily needs of the most vulnerable to be withdrawn to offset the speculative gambling debts.

A monetary monster without heart, soul, or conscience only surpassed by the potato blight in Ireland of 1847 when a million people died of starvation and  another million left on the “coffin ships”. Trade continued, exporting of food and goods through the ports under armed guard, while people died of starvation in the ditches and in their homes.

The people could not afford to buy food at market prices and the God and heart of capitalism, the free market, had to be protected at all costs regardless of the human suffering and loss of life.

Now 165 years later the same lack of values and disregard of humanity still prevail in pursuit of profit and greed. Only collective action by the citizens of Europe unified in resistance can halt our demise.

The salvation of the banks, speculators, bond holders and private debts, as decreed by corporate Europe in the European Commission, is to nationalise all debts, with the full cooperation of national governments who share their criminal-minded unjust burden and undemocratic decision to render the citizens of Europe the debt slaves of Europe.

Their most masterly stroke of all is to convince the citizens they are our debts and above all they are still our masters. It reminds me of a quote by James Connolly: “The trade unionist who is only a trade unionist wishes to limit the power of the master but still wishes to have masters”. Now it is our choice and we must seize it by voting NO to the ESM Fiscal (AUSTERITY) Treaty and by fighting for a different social system, one based on meeting human need rather than guaranteeing private profit.



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