éirígí statement on Irish Water and first steps to privatisation

The following press statement was released by éirígí on Wednesday afternoon (Irish time):

éirígí Dublin City Councillor Louise Minihan has slammed the Dublin government’s decision to establish the ‘Irish Water’ utility company as the first step on the road to full privatisation of water services across the state.

Speaking from Ballyfermot Cllr Minihan said, “Clean water is an essential requirement for all human life. Access to adequate supplies of such water should be considered a fundamental human right which cannot be sacrificed to satisfy the greed-driven ideology of the IMF and EU.

“Despite the denials of Phil Hogan there is no doubt that the establishment of Irish Water represents the first step on the road to the full privatisation of water services across the state. The neo-liberal policies of the Troika demand the eventual privatisation of virtually all public services, including water services.

“You only have to look to the British experience of water privatisation to see where Fine Gael and Labour are headed. Hogan is being deeply dishonest when he claims that Irish Water will remain in permanent public ownership. That, or he is too stupid to understand the intent of his masters in Berlin and New York.”

Calling on people to resist the introduction of domestic water taxes Cllr Minihan said, “The new water tax must be opposed for three main reasons.

Firstly because access to water should be considered a fundamental right which the state has a duty to provide for all citizens, regardless of how rich or poor they happen to be.

“Secondly, because it represents a form of double taxation; the people of this state already pay for their water through central taxation. And thirdly because it is being introduced as part of an austerity programme which will see tens of billions of public euro’s transferred into private hands.

“Any attempt to introduce a domestic water tax must be met with a mass campaign of non-payment and civil disobedience, similar to that which is currently underway in relation to Hogan’s home tax. Extending the boycott to the water tax is one of the most effective ways for people to fight back against the austerity programme.

“If sufficient numbers of people simply refuse to pay these unjust taxes the government will eventually get the message – the people can’t and won’t pay for the greed of your banker and property developer buddies!”


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