One of the main features of this blog is material by Constance Markievicz.  Over the next week I hope to get up her 1923 pamphlet What Irish Republicans Stand For.  I have a photocopy of it from about 20 or more years ago, but I don’t want to just scan it – wouldn’t come out very well anyway – but make an electronic copy.  How soon I get it up depends how much time I have to type it up, but hopefully by this time next week.

Before then I will get up a review of Joost Augusteijn’s  bio of Pearse, which I just finished reading and thought, overall, was very good – although I have a few quibbles.

I also want to get up a piece looking at the role of public spending in a capitalist economy, with particular reference to the twenty-six counties.  There seems to be a certain amount of confusion on this issue, with chunks of the left having a Keynesian (mis)understanding of public spending and actually believing capitalist crises can be overcome by governments spending more – in fact, in crisis conditions, increasing government spending intensifies the problems.  A good example of left-Keynesianism is much of the economic approach taken by the United Left Alternative.

However, there is simply no capitalist solution to the crisis that doesn’t involve attacking workers, cutting spending, stepping up the rate of exploitation etc.  There isn’t an alternative economic policy within the context of a capitalist crisis that can improve workers’ position; the only workers’ solution is the abolition of capitalism.

Other things I have underway are an interview with James MacBarron, who will be familiar to many on the Irish left, especially around Cork, and an interview with F. Stuart Ross, author of the book Smashing H-Block.

Again, socialist-republican contributions are much welcomed.



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  1. I so agree with your analysis Phil on the crises we are in. The overthrow of capitalism is the only way forward for the Irish working class.That is why the Irish Revolution blog is gathering more people to write for it because of the Republican Socialist (Marxist) analysis.

  2. Good work Phil!

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