Rising numbers


I’ve been going through blog stats because over the past two months there has been a very noticeable increase in hits on the blog.  I’m pleased to announce that in the last six weeks the weekly average of blog hits is over three times higher than it was four, five and six months ago.

The most hit-on article, which is about the politics of historical revisionism, has well over 400 hits.  Still pretty modest by a lot of blog standards, but for a solidly socialist-republican blog on Ireland, not too bad by my reckoning.

The number of blog comments, on the other hand, remains somewhat depressing.  I get more email about stuff on the blog than I do posts in the comments section of the blog itself.  So, if you’re reading this, do think about posting to the comments section of the blog.

At present the vast bulk of stuff is written by me or taken by me from other blogs that I link to.  However, many thanks to Mick Healy who has now got four articles on the blog – three of them in the top ten most-viewed articles on the blog and the other one, on the Kildare turf cutters, is getting a small but solid and regular number of hits too.

And thanks to Liam O Ruairc, both for posting occasionally to the comments section and for the series on the Provos, which originally he wrote for the now-ended The Blanket site.

But I’m certainly keen to get more people writing for the blog and more discussion going, around a solidly socialist-republican politics.

Go raibh maith agaibh,                                                                                                               Phil



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