New lows – or, you really couldn’t dream up this stuff

by Philip Ferguson

Since the Adams Cabal decided that if you couldn’t beat them you could get onto a nice little earner by joining them, the Provisionals have abandoned position after position.  (I was going to say principle after principle, but these people haven’t had principles for a very long time.)

Prominent Shinners Martin McGuinness and Martina Anderson have, just this past week, called for prayers for Ian Paisley, currently facing serious heart problems.  Sinn Fein’s North Belfast MLA Gerry Kelly, meanwhile, declared “I hope he pulls through.  I wish him well.”

The Shinners’ heartfelt sympathy for the wily old bigot is in stark contrast to their attitude to Marian Price.  Unlike Paisley, whose life was dedicated to advancing his own personal interests through decades of championing the maintenance of bigotry, religious sectarianism and British oppression in Ireland, Price’s life has been selflessly dedicated to the ending of bigotry, religious sectarianism, oppression and exploitation on the island.  Price has now been held in isolation in Maghaberry prison since last May, at the behest of the British secretary of state for the north and in violation of the court’s granting of bail to her.  Marian’s ‘crime’ was that she held a piece of paper from which a masked man was reading at a republican commemoration early last year.  Of course, her real ‘crime’ is that she is one of the uncorruptibles, someone who is still campaigning for the same things she was back in 1969 on the Burntollet march and back in the early 1970s when she was jailed and force-fed while on hunger strike in a British prison.

Encouragingly, while the Shinners’ support for Paisley has been generating indignation against them, support for Marian has been growing.  Over two hundred people turned out on Thursday night (Feb 16) in Derry for a public meeting to demand her release.

Meanwhile, in yet another act of prostration before the British government, McGuinness has now announced he might be prepared to go to London and meet Elizabeth Windsor.  And why not?  It’s a perfectly logical thing for leaders of the Provisionals to do – they’ve already surrendered everything else to the British ruling class, so why not bend the knee formally to the Her Majesty, the figurehead leader of British Imperialism Ltd?

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  1. Great article on Royal Sinn Fein, you can somehow get right inside
    Republican heads and wright what we are thinking.

  2. We could actually do a sweepstake on what craven thing they’ll do next.


  3. They don’t have to many things left to do, well maybe a new name !

    Barry Healy wrote an impressive article on SF during the last Irish election but could get
    no-one to publish it. It would seem SF have a relationship with the media similar to the one the Workers Party had in the 1980s. You could publish it, even though it is about the last election.

  4. liam ó comáin

    I received an assurance from within the provos that Mcg will shake the hand of Elizabeth.

  5. I wouldn’t be at all surprised Liam. And it makes sense. Since they have gone from seeing the British state as imperialist enemy #1 to an ‘enabler’ of Irish unity, there’s no reason not to shake the hand of Betty Battenberg. And Betty herself will have shaken the hands of a number of ‘statesmen’ who were previously labelled terrorists by the British government.


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