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I’ve added to the blog the speech given by the IRSP’s Chris Donnelly to the November 24 Republican Congress meeting at Queen’s University.  It appears along with Stephen Murney’s speech at: https://theirishrevolution.wordpress.com/2011/11/29/political-policing-in-ireland-ten-years-of-the-rucpsni/

Somewhere between Dublin, the Glen of Imaal, Belfast, London, Brighton and New Zealand four pages of notes on the mid-1930s socialist-republican newspaper Republican Congress have disappeared.  They were with my notes on Aine Ceannt’s BMH testimony which I still have, so their disappearance is very odd.  One to the gremlins, I guess.  Unfortunately, I can’t just dash down and spend another four hours retaking them at the National Library and I’m not planning on being back in Ireland until 2013, so my promised article on the first issue of Republican Congress isn’t going to happen.

However, other promised material should appear in the next few days.  Namely:

* A short report on the Spectacle of Hope and Defiance

* A look at the role that VAT plays in the relationship between workers and capitalists and why indirect taxation is a particular tool for governments managing capitalism, especially during economic downturns when the cry is usually for (income) tax cuts

* A look at why cuts in the public sector are crucial for capital in periods of economic downturn and crisis


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