I’ve been pretty busy in London and Dublin, as well as some relaxation away from computers in the wilds of mountainy west Wicklow, over the last couple of weeks and not much has gone up.

I’m just starting to remedy that, with several posts today (although mainly reprints) and I have a couple of articles of my own in the pipeline.

One will be on the cuts in the public sector in the twenty-six counties and why these cuts are not a reflection of doctrinaire neo-liberalism (which would mean some other economic policy like Keynesian pump-priming would solve the problem) but actually essential to capitalism (which means that only getting rid of capitalism can solve the problem).  Either in this piece or another article, I’ll also look at VAT increases and why, especially in an economic crisis, capitalists prefer VAT increases to increases in direct taxation.

The other will be an article about the first issue of the socialist-republican paper Republican Congress, publication of the short-lived organisation of the same name.  The first issue came out in May 1934.   That paper is a fantastic resource for socialist-republicans today and one of the things that struck me going through it in the National Library yesterday is that, while 2011 is obviously not 1934, it was remarkably fresh and vital.  Much of the content is very relevant to today.


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