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I’ve just posted the founding statement of the IRSP in 1974 and I’ll be putting up more historical material from the Irish revolutionary left (ie socialist-republicanism) as the blog progresses.  I’ve added a link to the Arguments for a Workers Republic site, which seems to have been dormant for some years.  I hope to get up some material from there on this blog, along with some stuff I gathered at the time I was working on a Markievicz collection and then the masters thesis.  I have still to transcribe her “What Republicans Stand For”; I also have a copy of the report written by Roddy Connolly for the Third International during the Civil War period, but I can’t find it among my boxes of stuff.  I did an internet search yesterday and didn’t turn it up either.  However, when I find it, I’ll get it up on the blog.

I also left behind me in Dublin a copy of George Gilmore’s pamphlet on Republican Congress, which doesn’t seem to be anywhere on the internet.  I hope to be in Dublin again before the end of the year and be able to lay hands on it and then start working on scanning it in the New Year, along with some other historical material.

I haven’t gotten round to writing something on the McGuinness presidential campaign, largely I have just found it hard to be bothered.  McGuinness so blatantly argues against everything he used to argue for that it almost seems pointless critiquing his presidential campaign on a socialist-republican blog.  However, hopefully some other folks who are not – or not yet – socialist-republicans and therefore still have illusions in the Sinners might stumble on the blog and so I will try to summon the energy to do something.

Before the end of the year I also hope that a few book reviews will go up on the blog.

Another function I hope the blog will start getting into next year is political education.  I want to do up some study guides on Connolly and other material of relevance to the struggle for national liberation and socialism in Ireland today.

Lastly, although I get a certain amount of feedback privately about the blog, I get very few comments on articles.  So, please, do comment on pieces – it would be good to get discussion on the blog.


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