The Nation on Constance Markievicz

Constance Markievicz died on July 15, 1927; her funeral was attended by 100,000 peopole in Dublin.  The following obit appeared in The Nation, a republican newspaper:



Constance de Markievicz’s superb logic and courage led her to perform deeds that the vast majority of us only prate about doing. . .  Logic and courage such as hers are so rare that people who cannot emulate her in either try to dispose of her as an eccentric.  Courage is a danger to a materialistic world, and logic is troublesome. . .

Constance de Markievicz is a pure gold link in our chain of great patriots who were born of foreign stock among the Gaels of Ireland.  Wolfe Tone opens the list.  Erskine Childers was recently admitted to his enduring foothold in it.  The last illustrious place is filled by one who has been described as the bravest woman in Europe.


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