Larkin’s Workers Union on Constance Markievicz


The Executive Committee desires to express its keen sense of the deep loss that the common people of Ireland have suffered in the sad and untimely death of Madame de Markievicz.

Madame de Markievicz was not alone a great soul, she was a valiant fighter and thinker.  If the supreme sacrifice was ever necessary, she was always prepared to pay it.  She knew that no country could be free so long as its people were living in misery, and suffering from hunger and want.  Knowing this, she ever strove to lead the movement for an independent Ireland along the lines of greater freedom – the emancipation of the workers and peasants of Ireland.

Ireland can ill-afford at this time to lose women like Madame de Markievicz.  In the hour when poverty and hunger are on the daily increase; when thousands flee from Ireland’s shores to escape unemployment and the misery and hunger that follow; when the dogs of war are straining at their leashes; the death of Madame de Markievicz comes to the people of Ireland as an immeasurable loss.

We can best pay tribute to her life and work, and honour her more in death by working to the end that the dream of Madame might be realised – an Ireland free in the complete sense – in a word, work for a Workers Republic of Ireland.


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