Hunger strike event, Christchurch, New Zealand

The 1981 Irish hunger strike and the conditions of political prisoners in Ireland today

In 1981 ten Irish republicans died on hunger strike to get back their political prisoner status.  As a result of their hunger strike much of what they demanded in terms of prison conditions was subsequently won.  Britain, however, continued to occupy part of Ireland.  In the 1990s the main opposition force to British rule, the Provos (Sinn Fein/IRA) were drawn into a ‘peace process’ and agreed to become part of the governing of the artificial ‘northern Ireland’ statelet.  Opposition to the betrayal of the struggle for complete freedom has been met with state repression and the conditions of prisoners in the northern statelet have been made much worse.

Come along to this meeting to commemorate the 1981 hunger strikes and hear about what is happening now.



Marla Hughes on the 1981 hunger strikes

Philip Ferguson on the situation now


7.30pm, Monday, Oct 3

WEA (Workers Education Assn)

59 Gloucester St


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