Resisting sectarianism in Ardoyne


On July 12 – Tuesday last week – hundreds of Ardoyne residents took to the streets to oppose an Orange Order march which had been given permission to march through this nationalist area.  While the Northern Ireland Parades Commission had no problem granting permission to Unionists from outside the area holding their sectarian and supremacist march, the Commission has turned down permit applications by Ardoyne residents to march.

I’d recommend the 8-minute video below on what’s been happening in Ardoyne.  As Dee Fennell of the Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective and the written comments at the end of the éirígí video note, events like these are indications of how the apparatus of the sectarian state remains in place.  The state’s repressive apparatus, and the nature of the state, have been partly modernised, and incorporated former opponents of the state, but the fundamentals haven’t changed.




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