What’s coming up this week

A chairde,

last week I got up most of what I wanted to get up, except for a major feature piece by Liam O Ruairc on the history of the Provisionals.  I will ensure that it gets up this week, hopefully in the next few days.

I will definitely be able to get up the series of articles that Constance Markievicz wrote about the women of 1798.

And I will get up the two chapters of my old thesis dealing with the historiography of the 1900-1930 period (as it existed up to the early 1990s) and the political aspects of Irish historicial revisionism.  After that, we can get into the history of the 1900-1930 period itself.

There will also be some summaries of articles elsewhere and links to them.

It’s been heartening that, in the first week, the blog had 300 hits, 95 of them on its second day.  Only a couple of people, however, have left comments – so I hope a lot more people will do so in future.  Even if you don’t have much to say, it’s still good to get comments.

Beir bua!


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