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While this blog is not party-political and looks forward to the eventual unification of socialist-republicans in Ireland, I’d like to encourage readers here to think about donating to éirígí.  Since its foundation just a few years ago, éirígí has launched a wide range of campaigns against injustice and for workers rights both sides of the border.

Protesting against the bank bailouts, the visit of the British queen to Dublin, continuing repression in the six counties, attacks on workers’ rights at work and in their local communities, fighting poverty, campaigning for the nationalisation of  the twenty-six counties’ massive oil and gas reserves, éirígí is a breath of fresh air in Irish politics.

To date éirígí has put out more than a million leaflets, posters, banners and stickers to support these campaigns. Over the coming months and years éirígí intends to escalate its campaigning activities, but the cost of doing so is substantial.

As a voluntary organisation éirígí is completely dependent on the generosity of its members and supporters for financial support.

Take a look at a few videos of what éirígí has been doing:

Louise Minihan speech to Dublin anti-capitalist day protest:

Review of éirígí activities in 2009:

Reclaim Black Mountain protest, Belfast:

If you like what éirígí is doing , please support them by visitng their on-line shop and buying any of the products there.



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